Quality Lift Kits Worth the Money

Why buy a high quality lift kit?

Too many times, we see people with a $50,000 truck, looking for the cheapest way to lift it. We know from experience that the cheap lift kits out there simply don’t have all the parts to do the job properly. It’s either that or they’re just cheap products. Unfortunately, we end up fixing and replacing many of those cheap kits out there, costing consumers more than they would’ve paid if they had bought a high quality lift kit in the first place.

Buyer Beware


Just because a shop advertises a kit for a special price, it doesn’t necessarily mean the kit has everything your vehicle needs to be lifted properly. If the cheap lift kit manufacturers would actually outfit their kits with all the parts that are needed, many times the price would end up being the same as a more expensive/high quality kit. Therefore, don’t be fooled by the lower prices. Just because the price is lower doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Not only is it a false representation of the products, it’s also a huge disservice to people. For example, a front leveling kit over 2″ that doesn’t come with an upper control arm assembly is going to prematurely wear out the ball joint and possibly other components.

In a side by side comparison, you would find that some of the parts in a cheap lift kit are actually thinner than they need to be. For example, a cross member drop bracket on a late model pick-up that’s a five-sixteenths on a high quality kit might only be a quarter of an inch on a cheaper one and come with fewer braces. When a vehicle gets lifted, there’s going to be more stress put on the drive train, the brakes, and the suspension joints. Naturally, anyone would choose to have the thicker components supporting the added stress.

Safety and Durability

There’s no way to keep a good front end alignment with cheap products. There are proper angles and steering geometry that needs to be in place to maintain the alignment. Otherwise, not only will the tires get worn out prematurely, but the ball joints can actually break. And when things break, safety becomes a concern.

Just Ask

Unfortunately, not everyone around knows the difference between high quality and poor quality. If you hear a technician say something like “these parts are just as good”, they probably don’t know the difference. Wherever you take take your vehicle for a lift, please just ask the technician if they are sure what they are offering you in a lift kit is of high quality. Do a quick search online. Look for the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Compliance test logos, like the ones found at Zone offroad and BDS Suspension. If you have a friend who has owned a lifted vehicle for a while, ask him/her what their experience has been. It’s worth it.

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